About Us

PPH „Stanlab” C. Ltd was established In 2000 year. Our main activity is trading of laboratory equipment reagents and chemical raw materials used in many branches of industry.


Since September 2012, we have started to run our next wood branch, which offers a range of the constructions and furniture industries such as plywood, construction and furniture boards, worktops, planking, furniture accessories, etc. assortment. Our suppliers are from both domestic and foreign market. We import directly from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, China and other countries.


Thanks to our warehouse and logistic support we managed to implement policy which allow us to self materials directly from bonded area which result in short delivery time. This also give us opportunity to keep our products regularly checked by our quality department to be able to offer good quality products. We increase our range of products continuously and try to much our customers needs. Supplied products are both imported from abroad and bought from local manufacturers – depends on availability and customers requirements.


The company received many rewards due to high level customs care strategy.


We hold three subsidiaries. The oldest of them is PPH Standard Sp z o.o. founded in 1990. It’s main activity is trading with reagents and chemicals for many branches of industry The company offer is about 5000 items. The other company is PCH Stanchem founded in 1997. It’s main assortments are the materials used in following industries: metallurgy, foundry, welding. Grinding and friction materials, as well as refractory and electroplating chemicals. The third and the youngest enterprise is Jarmag founded in 2002, that deals mainly in the textile branch of industry and trading with plastics and packaging materials.


The whole group employ over 400 people. Our annual turnover is estimated at a level of 500 million USD. The technical facilities for the group are two bases of 9 hectares in total, placed in Lublin, ul. K. Olszewskiego 10 and in Niemce 105A near Lublin. The total area of offices, production, warehouses and technology accommodations is over 20 000 m2. In our both bases we have our own rail sidings.


Out technical and support departments like: IT Department, Quality Department with it’s own laboratory, Environmental Protection and Technology Department, Transport and Logistics Support take care about efficient work of our all companies. Our group put high pressure on modernization of each department and also invest in development of all activity sectors ans especially in IT systems.


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